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The common sense of self aligning ball bearing
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Here we share the common sense of self aligning ball bearing, and hope to help us. Self aligning ball bearing commonly used smooth agent with smooth oil and smooth fat two kinds. When the circumferential velocity is less than 4-5m/s, or the car can not use oil slick position, self aligning ball bearing have used the grease smooth. The smooth fat of smooth fat is a simple sealing structure. The smooth fat is not easy to lose. It is not affected by the temperature. A smooth fat can be used for a long time.
The use of smooth fat should pay attention to two problems. One is to choose the smooth fat of the suitable trademark in accordance with the request of the car manual. For example, the car bearing pumps to not use sonar grease because of its poor water resistance. Two is to participate in the bearing smooth grease should be appropriate, usually only fill the bearing cavity 1/2-l/3 is suitable, too much is not only useless, but also add the bearings running resistance, make it heating up and heating. Special attention should be paid to the car wheel bearing, to launch a "empty hub, smooth" only in the bearing is coated with a layer of grease can be appropriate, otherwise, not self aligning ball bearing but wasting and poor cooling, heating will make the grease spill, may affect the braking function.
The smoothness of smooth oil is low friction resistance and heat dissipation, which is mainly used for self aligning ball bearing with high temperature in high speed and operating environment. Smooth oil according to the instructions of the trademark car request selection, and then the car maintenance cycle replace oil to release the old organization after cleaning with new oil and gas should be added to the required markings, and refueling or flush (as the car with self aligning ball structure, and bearing requests), No. more.
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